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How to create CSS keyframe animations

How to create CSS keyframe animations

Firstly hi,

Before, i usually used jquery to make animation for web apps. But with the innovations coming with CSS3, I can say that I am not even looking at the face of the jQuery library about animations anymore.

Today i will show you what you can do with keyfreames. I will not tell magical things :)

With the @keyframes feature, we can make various animations only with CSS without using any plugins. Shift, change color, growth, shrinkage etc. to any DOM element. We can apply effects. In short, we set a certain time interval with @keyframes and we can apply everything that can be done with CSS in this time interval to our item.

Browser Support

I want to talk about browser support before I begin my narration. All versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Safari support this feature. It is for more detailed table than here.

##Usage## It’s really simple

@keyframes animation-name{
    from { css attributes }
    to { css attributes }

You can type any variable name that describes your animation in the place that says “animation-name”. The “from” part refers to our starting values, the “to” part refers to our end values. Also, we can use it by expressing it in percentiles. Expressing in percentiles in general enables us to establish a more flexible structure.

##Features## There are a few values that the selector we will apply animation to. These values are;

Property Description
animation A shorthand property for setting all the animation properties
animation-name Specifies the name of the @keyframes animation
animation-duration Specifies how long time an animation should take to complete one cycle
animation-timing-function Specifies the speed curve of the animation
animation-delay Specifies a delay for the start of an animation
animation-iteration-count Specifies the number of times an animation should be played
animation-direction Specifies whether an animation should be played forwards, backwards or in alternate cycles
animation-fill-mode Specifies a style for the element when the animation is not playing (before it starts, after it ends, or both)
animation-play-state Specifies whether the animation is running or paused



@keyframes animation-name{
10% { 
50% {
100% { 

I have divided our animation into 3 parts above. If you want, you can divide it into 100 equal parts :) 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%… You can see my application by clicking here.